About Jim Stark

My interest in massage first began in 1988, after a 20-hour flight to Singapore left me unable to stand up. The massage therapist who worked on my back pressed so deeply it felt like she was reaching breastbone. An hour later, I walked out erect, relaxed, and impressed that the excruciating pain was gone. I determined to learn about massage and found a book on acupressure, The Massage Therapy Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a massage book unlike any other. With that book, I began to study the art and science of massage.

Fast forward 20 years. In 2007, my parents moved into an assisted living facility and their once-robust health began to fail. As I looked to the future, I realized that massage could help the elderly maintain their mobility and their health. I trained at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. Upon graduation I obtained my Pennsylvania Massage license in 2012.

My experience ranges from the professional athletes, amateur weekend warriors, construction workers, all the way to wheelchair bound geriatrics.  This range of experience has taught me to adjust techniques to deal with various conditions, and to blend massage techniques to provide what you want, and what your body needs.  If a particular stretch would help you, I am glad to show you what I do.

Jim Stark

Motion Is Key

Motion is a key element of good health. Gentle streches allow a body to move easier, allowing more robust activity and a greater ability to handle the tasks of daily living. When movement is restricted, the fascia tends to attach to other muscle fibers therby making you feel stiff. By the actions if systematic compression, and focused streches, circulation is improved and toxins are replaced by fresh blood, complete with antibodies, vital oxygen and the necessary nutrition to keep a cell healthy. The net effect of therapeutic massage is that you feel better, with less pain, increased mobility and less stress. Call today to learn  more and book a session! 

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