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Beaufusion Massage, LLC. specializes in therapies that increase mobility and decrease pain and the resulting stresses.  It is important to understand the source of the pain, be it accident, trauma, surgery, repetitive actions, habits or stress.  Dialog is essential because it increases the effectiveness of the treatment.  You know what you feel and your pain level, but the therapist only knows the felt tension in an area unless you communicate.

The massage technique used changes based on the source of the pain.  If accident or surgery, work on scar tissue may be required.  If the source is habits or repetitive actions, assisted isolated stretches may hold the key.  If trauma or stress is the source then a different approach is needed.  The massage techniques in the therapist tool chest are an indicator of therapies that may be used, but do you care what technique is used or do you want results? See the link for tools in the Beaufusion Massage tool chest.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage are increased mobility and pain reduction with lasting positive effects without drugs.  The deep relaxation assists the body to heal in a natural way without negative side effects. You exercise your control by providing feedback to the therapist so the massage and pressure are just the way you want it.

A therapeutic massage may require you to move a particular muscle to help you find relief from neck pain, low back pain, headaches, sore tight hips, tight muscles in the legs or arms and just about any other muscle soreness or tightness.

The net results can be any or all of the following:

A massage done at your location (at home, on site, in room, etc.) can be helpful for you if:

Improve Physical and Mental health

When you get a massage you are taking care of and improving your physical and mental health. This should be a necessity; taking care of your health should not be considered a luxury. Pain increases your stress and high stress can adversely affect your health. Getting massages helps reduce stress in your entire body, mentally and physically, and helps reduce aches and pains. When you feel better, your sprit improves, and you are better able to deal with the world.

When you get a massage done at your location everything needed for a great massage will be brought to you as well; massage table, sheets, oil & lotion, and music. One thing to consider is that the relaxing environment may not exist at your location. Rest assured that each massage is tailored to your particular needs (techniques, pressure, etc.), so you are sure to feel amazing afterwards.

Gift certificates are also available for the perfect gift for any occasion; especially for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, or just to say thank you.

Covid-19 Safety Update

Safety is a key element during this period of time.  You are required to sign a covid-19 form, along with masks, and temperature checks at the door.  The room, sheets and equipment are sanitized before each use.  The therapist wears a mask, washes hands frequently, and ensures room sanitation.  These actions keep you and the therapist safe. 

Massage works best in combination with other proven pain-relief techniques.


First, eat right.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that disease is caused by energy blockage. By changing the food that we eat, we change the chemistry of the body, allowing it to remove blockages and function properly. Not only will your pain subside, but also your clothes will fit better!


Second, move well and regularly.

Controlled movement helps loosen and strengthen muscles. Low impact movements like those found in yoga and tai chi are good examples. For those with limited mobility or desk jobs, some of these moves can even be done while in bed or in a chair!


Finally, breathe deeply.

One of the best pain-relief techniques is also one of the easiest. Controlled, deep breathing is a proven way to lower blood pressure. It also helps muscles relax. If it works for women in labor, it will help you too!


I know the limitations of massage therapies and when those limits are reached, I feel confident in referring you to other service providers.  Talk to your doctors and therapist about all over-the-counter and prescription drugs being taken. Your body is a dynamic entity which changes as conditions change.  You need to listen to your body and discuss the details of any changes you are feeling.  This could be new sensations or chronic conditions. This allows all providers to determine appropriate treatment.

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